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For the past few weeks I have been focusing on writing the person specification for the upcoming residency in Tampere, Finland that is taking longer to pull together than expected. To research how to structure the residency call out I have been looking at the KULES and Wysing Arts Centre application process. When I write I do tend to get the order of things the wrong way round and over simplify the text. Having another person look at it has helped to make sure that I’m not missing anything important out of the content and that the specifications gets the right person for the opportunity. The most expensive part of this residency is the travel costs as there are no direct flights to Tampere although there are direct links to Helsinki. When I travel with my family in July we will depart from London Heathrow, which is around £500 pound cheaper to fly from. I am aware that this may not be suitable for the other resident artists’ and co-travellers but it is certainly something to consider not only for the reduction in cost but also getting the chance to see Helsinki. When people think of Finland the capital city is often thought of although Tampere has so much to offer. I feel well known and unknown residency locations are equally important to explore, have new experiences and to share artistic practice, not all artists live in the capital cities we are everywhere!

Developing working relationships with all the different people involved in the project is quite a juggling act although so important to the workings of it. We all need to be clear on what we all want from this research process and develop the best way to go about it. The visiting Finnish artist Saara Sillanpaa has two young children and I feel it is really important for them to feel welcome with a space of their own to create. On my previous visits to Islington Mill I have noticed some storage sheds in the yard and I have been thinking that one of these could make a really interesting space to explore. The shed is also located next to the B&B where the family will be staying which would offer a break out space for the children. How can we design a space together and how could they document their daily experiences? What can be learnt from these evaluations? Could there be potential to connect with the local school, which is just over the road from the studios? Could I use the postcard concept to get to know the children and start designing a studio space for them before they arrive? Lots of questions, thinking and research to do…