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Artists on boards: a guide to becoming a trustee or board member

Joining a board can provide artists with a voice in the decision-making room and a way to steer the arts agenda. Nicola Naismith explores what’s involved, and hears from artists and their fellow board members about the important contribution artists can make and why being a trustee matters.

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Artists on boards: “It’s essential for artists’ voices to be heard”

Just published: To coincide with Trustees’ Week 2018, we’ve published two new a-n Resources guides, written and researched by 2017/18 Clore Visual Artist Fellow Nicola Naismith, looking at why it’s important for artists to be part of the ‘decision making process’ and offering advice and tips on how to become a board member or trustee.

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  Applications are open for the 2018/19 Visual Artist Fellow with the Clore Leadership Programme. It’s 3 months since completing my 2017/18 Fellowship and 3 weeks after our official graduation at Tate Britain where Maria Balshaw, director of Tate gave […]

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A-Z of Leadership Learnings

A-Z of Leadership Learnings  #clore14 @cloreleadership A: First + foremost I am an artist; my leadership development is framed by artist as leader, artist in governance, artist placement group, autonomy for artists + audiences and how and when to take action. […]

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Blog Artist

The Autonomous Artist

The Autonomous Artist is a dedicated blog detailing activities, thoughts and reflections about my time as 2017/18 Visual Artist Fellow on the Clore Leadership Programme. I will be exploring the role of the artist in arts leaderships and reflecting on independent, […]

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Artist as leader

Collected texts and interviews on a-n that address notions of artist as leader/leading through their practice. Includes audio interviews conducted by Joshua Sofaer whilst a Clore Leadership Programme Artist Fellow.

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Masato Nakamura
Resource Research paper

Artist as Leader: Masato Nakamura

6 December 2011. 3331 Chiyoda, Tokyo. Edited transcript of recorded interview.
As part of Joshua Sofaer’s Artist as Leader research, Masato Nakamura discusses his commitment to transforming the art education system in Japan, and the inauguration of a new model of art centre “founded on the basis of artist leadership”.

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David Wison
Resource Research paper

Artist as leader: David Wilson

17 February 2012. The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles. Recording Time: 39 minutes.
As part of his Artist as Leader research, Joshua Sofaer talks to David Wilson, the Director of The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles, about the “grey areas” and “inspiration as a form of leading”.

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Kate Love CSM image
Resource Research paper

Artist as leader: Kate Love

31 January 2012. Soho, London. Recording Time: 56 minutes
As part of Joshua Sofaer’s Artist as Leader research, Kate Love, Senior Lecturer at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, interrogates the idea of the ‘artist as leader’ by considering both the meaning and use of the phrase: “If you are allied to the left you are far more likely to be sceptical of the idea of leadership.”

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Richard Hicks (left) and Richard Layzell (right).
Resource Research paper

Artist as leader: Richard Layzell and Richard Hicks

28 December 2011. Soho, London. Recording Time: 50 minutes.
As part of Joshua Sofaer’s Artist as Leader research, artist Richard Layzell and businessman Richard Hicks discuss Layzell’s 7 year tenure as ‘Visionaire’ at AIT software where he created bespoke events that addressed the problems and needs of the developing company.

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