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Design for Warwickshire Pandemic Stories

All of the aspects for the design come from the workshops. Lots of the participants draw three circles in the middle to represent them selves, baby and partner. They’re in red to represent a strong love. Around the centre are […]

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Warwickshire Pandemic Stories

For Warwickshire Pandemic Stories I have been commissioned by Arts Uplift to create a light installation that is inspired from the pandemic stories of mums in North Warwickshire. This is part of a larger project, Michelle Flint is working in South Warwickshire and creating a text

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  • Venue:
    Crossness Pumping Station
  • From:
    July 12, 2019
  • To:
    July 14, 2019
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States Of Mind – Light Installation

  In her installation entitled ‘yellowbluepink’, Ann Veronica Janssens experiments with light and colour to pursue the effects on perception. Entering a room you are greeted by a wall of pinkish-red light and the sound of other people in the […]

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St Elmo’s Breath by James Turrell

St Elmo’s Breath by James Turrell. ‘Lightscape’ light installation exhibition at Houghton Hall, Norfolk Saturday 8th August 2015 To discover one of my favourite artists was exhibiting in Norfolk, and one I am referencing in my dissertation, gave me a […]

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Pictures of… gallery visitors in a disorientating mist

An installation by Ann Veronica Janssens is currently filling the gallery at the Wellcome Collection in London with an enveloping and brightly-coloured mist, as the first part of a year-long exploration into the experience of human consciousness.

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Pictures of… Illuminating art in Blackpool

As part of the LightPool project, which is introducing new projection mapping technology to Blackpool’s famous illuminations, Grundy Art Gallery has been transformed by a series of installation environments celebrating artists’ fascination with the properties of light.

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A Q&A with… Liz West, artist

Manchester-based Liz West has opened her highest value commission to date at Bradford’s National Media Museum – the immersive light-based installation, An Additive Mix. She speaks to Pippa Koszerek about the making process, starting out and making the jump to full-time artist.

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