Over the last two weeks I have had the pleasure of meeting amazing ladies in Bedworth and Atherstone. In Atherstone I attended The Tots Club House and in Bedworth St Michaels Children Centre. All of these ladies have had babies during Covid. I wanted to find out for them what it’s been like and most importantly what their support has been like during Covid. 

While I was pregnant and after having my baby a saying that kept coming up was ‘it takes a village to raise a baby’ but during Covid there has been no village. To gather this information I asked the ladies to do a drawing for me, using circles to represent their different connections and then lines to see if they felt connected or not.

As they drew we talked about all our different experiences of having babies during Covid. I was blown away by all of these women. Some had IVF delayed for months after waiting for three years already. One lady had recently moved to the area for university from aboard, moved in with her partner and had a baby so still hasn’t yet seen her friends or family. Another lost her mum due to Covid when her baby was just four weeks old, while her self partner, baby and father all had Covid. Redundancies have been made and made again and again brining financial worries and delays in plans like buying a first home. The mums experienced isolation due to furlough, having to isolate and not being able to have visitors, one lady told Covid was ‘Isolating’. They experienced anxiety and sadness from attending scans on their own. They really have been through it. 

They are positives too. No body tried to touch your belly while you were pregnant, no one comes too close to your baby now. There haven’t been too many visitors wanting cups of tea when you’d like to sit on the sofa. Mums with baby number two have enjoyed the family time they got with baby number one. Others enjoyed not having the pressure of going in to the office when they were pregnant. Some have set up their own businesses or changed jobs as a result, it gave them a new perspective. 

To allow the mums the best chance of doing their drawings the amazing family team from Heritage Warwickshire came along and played with the babies. The mums sat with me and we draw with pastels, chalks, felt tips, fine liners and a lot of my recycling. I am blown away by their drawings they are so artistic and creative and they really do tell a story. I’m excited to sit down, lay them all out and begin to create my design for the light installation from them while I listen to their interviews. 

The interviews have been recorded for an achieve which will be kept by Heritage Warwickshire. The mums told their stories as they drew and I recorded them. The light installation will be shown in Bedworth from Nov 2021-Jan 2022 and Atherstone Jan – March 2022.  


All of the aspects for the design come from the workshops. Lots of the participants draw three circles in the middle to represent them selves, baby and partner. They’re in red to represent a strong love. Around the centre are eight other circles. Eight is the average amount of circles drawn by the participants. The orange circles show family members, maybe parents or grandparents, the participants closes support who they felt really connected to. In the blue is a friend, lots of participants included a best friend or a sibling. Moving outwards their are friends and family who are further away and hard to connect with. These were work friends, uni friends  and family abroad. These circles aren’t connected as reaching them felt impossible during Covid. All of the circles have circles engraved onto them. A lot of the participants did line drawings of circles onto their main circles, these show people within that group. The orange could be their mum or dad and the yellow all of their work colleagues, everyone grouped together. The colours have come from the drawings. Every in the design has been indeed from the workshops.

The circles for the final installation will be cut out from Florence Perspex. I’ll light the installation with a UV light. I’ve been having fun today trying the perspex with the small UV light that I have in the studio.

To create the final design I’ve been experimenting with gradients in Illustrator.