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Neurodivergence – language and social justice.

Photo credit Joel Chester Fildes Do you know how to use the terms neurodiverse and neurodivergent?  What’s in a word? What are four letters between friends, you might well ask. I myself am no fan of getting hot under the […]

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Disability arts as practice

Colin Hambrook provides an introduction to the history of, and current practices in the field of disability arts, including an overview of key organisations that support disabled visual artists.

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Statue First Day

This week I had my first meeting at The Orchards specialist school in Flixton, Trafford to talk about how to introduce and adapt Statue performance/workshop for the school setting. I specifically wanted to work with this school as it believes […]

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Neither Use Nor Ornament

A diverse exhibition of work from a group of neurodiverse artists engaged in Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Performance, Objects, ideas and the self.

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Artists and wellbeing: Ria Hartley, ecologies of care artist

ecologies of care was initiated by artist Ria Hartley in 2018. The project comprises a growing toolkit of resources designed to support artists who have access requirements to express their needs. Hartley speaks to Lydia Ashman about the toolkit and why artists’ health and wellbeing should be a sector-wide priority. This resource is available in text format and also as a video format sound recording.

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Mind Wandering: Best Friend or Worst Enemy? An art-science inquiry

This post is about an interdisciplinary event held last October at the Social Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry, KCL. It enacts and is part of #MagicCarpet, an Unlimited Commission funded by ACE, and aims to irritate prescribed notions of (an)normality and wellbeing.

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Spoons and stitches

Well this is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been talking about isn’t it? The affect one person has on another, and the different ways to express that. Spoons. Some people are “spoon neutral” in that they don’t rub off […]

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