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Rune Peitersen (standing) and other Platform BK members
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Platform BK, Netherlands: “An active think-tank for artists”

When a change of government in the Netherlands reversed years of generous state support for the arts, Rune Peitersen got together with other artists to challenge anti-artist rhetoric and argue for fair pay and support for artists and arts organisations. He talks to artist and AIR Council member Joseph Young about Platform BK, the small but dynamic organisation he co-founded five years ago.

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Negotiating better

Resources on the a-n site that aid artists to negotiate better and achieve good conditions and terms as they pursue their practices and projects. See also my selection from a range of other sites in  20 Great sources on artists […]

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EU survey examining artists’ pay across Europe

A European Commission study examining different national mechanisms of artists’ pay across Europe is inviting photographers, illustrators and designers to complete an online survey about how they are remunerated.

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Paying Artists Consultation Report 2015
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Paying Artists Consultation Report 2015

Summary of the consultations that took place as part of the Paying Artists campaign to listen to feedback from the arts sector about the issue of paying artists who exhibit in publicly-funded galleries.

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