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The realm of sustainability.

“Sustainability has got capacity to adopt its meaning to the prevailing conditions.  It is not a rigid system of rules, not a precept which tells us what to do in any possible situation. Ultimately, what it does is to give […]

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Articles & images exploring environmental and sustainability discourses within contemporary practice.

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Supporting artists’ sustainability

Although ‘sustainability’ is much vaunted in terms of how arts organisations should go forward, artists’ needs in this respect are rarely considered by funders. Futurific bursaries were developed by NAN to model routes for sustainability amongst artists’ groups and networks in the UK. Here, some of the bursary recipients give insights into their progress, through excerpts from their blogs.

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A Nasty Piece of Work (detail)
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This ambitious artist-led project has involved seventy-five artists and resulted in over 100 artworks. Cassie Thompson visits the exhibition and talks to the project organisers.

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