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Museum of Contemporary Rubbish is participating in an Arts & Trash event organised by Flora Hochrein of the University of Leeds.

Postcards of selected items from the Leeds Collection will be available for visitors.

Exhibit #0245

Thursday 4 June 2015, 12-4pm
Hyde Park (Woodhouse Moor), Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS6 2AS

“Waste is one of the most pressing issues today. Particularly plastic waste poses many threats to our environment. Currently, only 12% of waste is recycled and plastic products are still consumed excessively. When walking through Woodhouse Moor after a sunny day, waste issues and careless attitudes become very apparent.

This is why I have developed a research project as part of my Masters thesis, targeting this issue and sparking a dialogue about waste and sustainability. The project aims to raise awareness for local and global waste issues. Using art as a medium of universal communication, the goal is to deliver issues to a diverse range of people, and make sustainability engaging and relatable.”