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Week 110: 20th – 26th Oct 2014

This week I attended an interdisciplinary conference on the histories of weaving and coding. The aim of the conference was to present practice based research in progress and to discuss anthropological links to the project as a whole. As my […]

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Week 91: 9th – 15th June

One of the criteria to achieve doctoral status is the production of new knowledge. For Practice Based Research in Art this includes the possibility of exploring new methods of research as well as the creation of new artistic works. In […]

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Rubbish, garbage, debris, junk, leftovers, litter, refuse, scrap, crap, shit, trash, waste, ruins, remains, rejects, discards, shreds, dirt, detritus… Practice based research into contemporary rubbish in art practice and news from the Museum of Contemporary Rubbish.

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