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I was at the Piece Hall Wellbeing Festival today interviewing other practitioners and visitors for Dwell Time about mental wellbeing and the arts. I had some really interesting conversations with a wide range of people and did 11 audio interviews which will uploaded to our website in due course, as well as our Youtube and Vimeo channels. Some people declined the invite due to shyness or anxiety but most people were happy to engage in conversation. Some participants were not phased by the microphones at all and relaxed, whereas other people we a bit nervous and as soon as the recordings stopped, they relaxed and started talking more openly and that’s when the most interesting conversations began happening! I talk people through the three interview questions beforehand so there’s no surprises but it is quite a nerve-racking thing to do if you’re not used to being recorded. It’s also helpful to say to people don’t worry about erms or saying something wrong – just repeat it and it can be edited out if needs be but we do very minimal editing on these interviews as they mostly don’t need it. It would be nice to capture the more relaxed conversations that happen as soon as the stop button is pressed but I don’t know if that would ever be possible ethically/legally whilst they are aware they’re being recorded.