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Just in case anyone is actually following my progress on this little 50 Collages Before Christmas project, I want to assure you that all is going fine. I have been steadily working on multiple pieces a the same time but not really had the time to photograph pieces properly or post on this blog! Today, for example, I had hoped to get this blog up to date but it was more important to prepare, pack and arrange transport for the six pieces I am showing in the Quartz Festival Exhibition in Taunton next week. As I am going away for the next four days and may not have a chance to post you will have to make do with No24 Mixed Messages and trust me when I tell you that I have completed 30 now. If you don’t believe me check out my Twitter feed.

Basically I have 2 weeks back in the studio before Christmas. I currently have 3 large collages underway – 2 of which I am pretty confident will make the grade. The other may surprise me yet! I also have 5 smaller works in progress and a dozen sketchbooks full of collage ideas! I am reasonably confident that I will be able to reach my target with work I am happy to put my name to.