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I had hoped to have posted about each of the pieces in the project individually but Christmas socialising, collecting work and struggles with photographic images saw my time just disappear this last week. So I have just put a gallery of all the pieces so there is a timed and dated record on this blog (as well as on Twitter) that I completed the full series without having to rush and scurry at the end. In fact the erasure and redaction work totally connects me back into what I wanted from the project: a bit of focus.

It’s been an interesting journey. Only a few pieces didn’t make the grade (I used the same criterion as #Collage365: that I would have to be happy to have any piece on my own walls) and there are a few complex ones I am still working on, which I think are going somewhere interesting.

Looking back the project has helped me see where I want to concentrate my efforts and the territories I want to explore next. It has also helped me ease into a working rythmn and settle to what I can realistically achieve in the time available, balancing other demands on my energies.

I may return to this last post at some time and add more detail about each piece, but for now I am off to enjoy some time off!