The Mohammed VI Museum Of Modern and Contemporary Art is located in the centre of Rabat not far from the train station and near Terminus Hotel which showcases a sun terrace and great views of the city.

The Museum is a large sold building, having a brightness and lightness of colourful artwork images running along its sides. Outside the main door is a featured sculpture with smaller contemporary sculptures situated in floral areas front and back of the building.

The gallery opened in 2014 and  is worth 200 million dirhams being designed by architect Karim Chakor. This is the first museum institution dedicated entirely to modern and contemporary art. The Museum was designed to raise awareness and initiate the public to contemporary artistic creation, and promote participation in the country’s cultural life as well as openness on international creation. It offers trainings and conferences to well-informed audience, the likes of art graduates and art historians.

I enjoyed the Giacometti exhibition very much as I knew little about the artist and was pleased and impressed to see retrospective of a European artist, including one who I realised was influenced by African art.

Accompanied by Marouane Aouinat a Moroccan artist contact, I was introduced to Moulin the gallery technician who put together the show and a lady named Hind. Hind was on an internship over the summer and kindly explained that the exposition spans approximately forty years of the artist’s career.

It was helpful to see the artists journey and how he conceived and created the various works on display, especially seeing photographs that show his studio and the materials he used. I took many photographs which was a plus as most big galleries back home in the UK restrict camera use.

Another afternoon will be required with a visit to their nice looking cafe with outside shaded area for a well deserved break, as there was not enough time to see all the gallery. There is an upstairs floor dedicated to the history of Moroccan artists and in the basement a huge sculpture and installation room with current work. More time required!