I heard about a cafe arts space called Cafe Clock in Fez and went to check it out. www.cafeclock.com

Fez was approximately three hours drive from Rabat consisting of mainly Motorway with Tolls, however I enjoyed the changing landscape and also the opportunity to venture outside Fez near to an area called Ifrane which was more countryside and nature.

Ifrane is a city in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco with the capital of Ifrane Province in the region of Fès-Meknès. In Tamazight, the regional Berber language, “ifran” means caves.

Fez is the second largest city of Morocco, with a population of approximately 1.1 million and the capital city until 1925. The city has two old medina quarters, the larger of which is Fes el Bali and is believed to be one of the world’s largest urban pedestrian zones. I learned that the University of Al Quaraouiyine which was founded in 859, is the oldest functioning university in the world.

Driving into Fez from Rabat

Cafe Clock is a hip hangout that served great food (I had lamb Tagine about £7), music, story-telling nights etc among other creative experiences. It is very chilled with lovely friendly staff working in a three floored cafe Riad with small library, rooftop terrace and art on the walls…ohh and a great Chandelier made of long shiny Moroccan trumpets.

There is also another branch of Clock in Marrakech which I will visit next time to see if it is different or whether it is a chain replica of Fez. The only down side was hearing that the staff are only on £1 an hour, which seems a low considering how efficient, well spoken and hard working they were, so tipps would be nice!