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I have not had much time in the studio lately but now realise that what I thought was wasted time is erroneous. Subconsciously, ideas and thoughts wander round your brain wherever you are. The studio, for me, is a place of all emotions and activity, not just creativity. It is where I write, build, play, do nothing much, read, plan, apply, research, in no particular order. I can still do my photographic series, draw everyday, write my blog and read, they don’t need the studio space. Karen Barad writes  ‘Thinking is neither a line drawn between subject, object nor a revolving of one around the other. Rather, thinking takes place in the relationship of territory and earth’ (Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaningp.85).For me, it inspires a broader outlook, more abstraction and, my favourite saying, the  what-if’s. The other quote which I cannot place is ‘Artwork that works calls one to encounter’.  Beginning to build installations this week, I keep these two quotes close by to continually question myself but also to take leaps into the unknown and remember what I am trying to do beyond my immediate actions.