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Mark Fisher (talk)

  • capitalism seen as the armchair at the end of history
  • we interact with objects in a virtual way, reduce them to an ornamental status
  • we are no longer subjects as spectators but part of a bigger spectacle
  • reality t.v. needs a circuit to complete the reality becoming a participant in the reality by: phoning in, txting, tweets, emails
  • capitalist realism means that we are all involved and integrated in the system
  • critique rarification and subsumption of all life into the role of the aesthetic it becomes demythologised and has no function
  • The role of culture is to produce new things and to create a reflection
  • the end of history becomes more prone to pastiche, if nothing new happens then we are left with relics that can only be rearranged
  • postmodernism has become so dominant that it can no longer be seen
  • it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism
  • failure of our imagination as we cannot imagine a world with no capitalism
  • capitalism has its own subtle propaganda unlike socialism this is why capitalism is more effective
  • capitalist realism claims to diminish illusions and myths that have dominated the past – this is part of the structure of capitalism: it de-functions artefacts
  • capitalism destroys life worlds and reconstructs them as artefacts – we present life in the world as relics of times previous they are aesthetic and displaced – capitalism does this to itself and to us as subjects
  • capitalism has no world of its own it reconstitutes itself in other life worlds
  • history has a different reality but that is breaking down – captialism is not seen as underdeveloped
  • subject reduced to a spectator with no belief: a cynical, disaffected and disconnected being who has superior awareness
  • we live in a post-apocalyptic time therefore to create a new revelation we need an apocalypse
  • excessive awareness creates hyper vigilance
  • excessive unawareness is created by capitalism – this is why there is nothing new
  • we are in nostalgia mode with our unwitting capitulation of forms of the past – the past conditions of the present means things can be repeated without being noticed
  • alternative – reactivating lost futures we oppose capitalisms obsoleteness and reposition ourselves