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In 2011, while still in a post-MA fog, I was approached via the Saatchi website by D. Domininck Lombardi; artist, curator and critic, based in New York. He was writing an article on repurposing of materials in art and invited artists from around the world,(including me) to answer some ecology related questions and supply images. I was thrilled and still tensely wordy from all those critical essays and so serious. The article was due to be published in an ecology magazine based in Shanghai. Months went by and I heard nothing and eventually gave up and stopped hoping.

This morning  (three years later) I received an email from D. Domininck Lombardi to say that the article, now more pertinent than ever had been accepted and published, by The Huffington Post. And I am thrilled, I think, it’s just that when I started my first blog, Two Steps Backwards, I sometimes included the more outrageous titles from HP, like, “Causing Fear and Alarm with Black Pudding.” Or, “Cat Eats with Fork.” So I didn’t imagine it to be a publication with much gravitas, but on closer inspection it does seem to have a very eclectic brief, a bit like me really.