I spent Tuesday morning making my face into its own dot-to-dot drawing.

Using this diagram as a guide (taken from the Wonderworks Museum information panel), I drew dots on my face that align with its form and structure. Places such as: REyebrowEnd, REyebrowMid, NoseBridge, LOrbitalUpper, LEar, LOrbitalLower, RJawEnd, RMidForehead… and so on. And, then I drew lines between the dots.

Despite feeling like I was getting ready for an off the wall Halloween party, this was a useful exercise.

The measuring and scanning and recording of our faces is an intimate activity. By spending about 30 minutes firstly drawing dots and then joining them together I spent more time looking at myself than in the past 10 years. (It is little embarrassing. But undoubtedly funny too.)

This dot-to-dot exercise emphasised to me what it means to have your face captured and scrutinised, and brought my head-space rational thinking into a bodily-felt emotion-inducing space.