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The recent storm took me again to the shore.

I fought the wind to walk on the shingle and examine the rejected items along the wrack line. String, rubber glove, plastic bottle, shells, bits of crab, bits of stick, seaweed. Pushed to the edge, water clears space for waves and tide. Rain pierced my skin. Harsh angled water. I felt alive, of blood and breath and bone. Weeks of being virtually housebound, this was the most exertion my body had endured and it was exhilarating.

I enjoyed the weather, this force of nature. I enjoyed feeling fatigue for some good reason. I enjoyed the power and the scale of the sea. A collision of ocean and land dominating all.

I stood to watch the waves and the kind of energy I could only dream of. My best attempt to harness it was to stand in awe and breathe.