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An earlier start this morning, involving filling the old bath with hot water. The solid fuel Rayburn has been on for a couple of days now and the water in the hot tank plentiful. These modern additions to this old farmhouse have been made with pipes meandering along walls and ceilings; ending in rough spigots sprouting from corners.

Another morning of secluded thoughts and effort: I took a seat near the ford over the beck in a windy spot and soon moved to the shelter of a dry-stone wall. Using watercolours I try to record the house, persevering with these alien tools, until the cold wind forced me indoors for hot coffee and oatcakes. I finished the drawing off with an ink pen but dissatisfied with the results. Holly followed me indoors and warmed herself with coffee.

Provisioning in Kirby Stevens after lunch we raked around a secondhand shop, full of postwar chic and animal skin stoles; 60’s record players and gloves suitable for garden party wear. We stuck to fulfilling basic needs for food and candles.

Staying close to ‘home’ in the afternoon, using Medium wash 4B to capture the front of the house. A little more success and thoughts of the shelter of a home within the landscape, an ideal to aspire to or a world contained within a place; somewhat like “ Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth.

Befriending cows that got close enough to stroke, memories of childhood animals trusting, warm and friendly with soft/rough coat and horn buds.

Holly cooked for us tonight. I later found her singing to the cows by moonlight and, still later, sawing notches into forked branches to use for the warp of a woven sculpture.

Cate used some brightly coloured inks today for a study of the house, reflecting the colourful and happy childhood times spent here. She found an old Soda Syphon in the ash tip and recalled that George Todd would delight them with soda drinks.

My evening spent writing notes of today and making small sketches of candleholders, wine glasses and grasses (for later identification). Our last evening of candlelight camaraderie and crochet; tomorrow we intend to work separately again working on our own emergent themes.

I am going to focus on what it means to create a shelter, a place to escape to, relax in, mossy glade, protection from the elements, cosy domesticity, an expression of one’s creativity.