As we all finish off our works for the forthcoming exhibition at Tate Liverpool, discussions and last minute signing off of details for the next stage in Sheffield, are under way.

Its been really challenging to get so many exhibitions rolling one after another, but its also exciting and you get that real sense of achievement in pushing yourselves to the limit.

More details on the group website: https://sciartistprojects.wordpress.com/2016/08/27/relics/


Its hard to say how many people actually attended our exhibition at the Atrium as there were so many events on during the few weeks it was open.  We know how many events were on and have a rough idea of the attendees for each, but visitors to the cafe and exhibition……..we’ll have to take a guess for statistics sake . We’ll go with 400 in total .

With that one over though, its time to move on.

We’re very fortunate that Tate Liverpool give us a space to exhibit every Biennial and although the original intention was to exhibit ‘traditional’ work from each member of the group, the opportunity to collaborate with  another establishment occurred.

One member – Louise Waller, has a studio with Baltic Clay  and as we’ve kept an open mind to suggestions and accepted any deviations to the original plans, we’ve now found ourselves working with donations of discarded ceramics.

Each member will take a piece of pottery and alter it by any means.  Its quite a challenging task and will take a lot of people out of their comfort zones, but its getting ideas flowing and people are working together in a way they wouldn’t normally.

Along with the planned workshops, I think it will make for a much more interesting and intriguing exhibition .

Many thanks to Andrew from Baltic Clay