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Continuing on the gendered dialogue theme: at the beach today (yes, apologies, still on holiday) my children befriended some other children and built a dam in some rock pools at high/ebbing tide. They got on great and had a brilliant time. But I also overheard an innocent conversation between my 4yo and one of the other girls (about 5yo): “Are you a boy or girl?” Girl. “Why are you wearing boys clothes?” They’re my swimming costume “Oh OK”

They carried on playing.

I recognise these gender constructs are increasingly of interest at this age and clothes become gendered. I asked my 4yo about it.

Why do you think she was confused about your swimming costume?

She thought it was a boys costume because it was blue.

Hers was blue though?


That’s strange. Blue is a colour for everybody. Mummy wears blue. You wear blue. Blue is a nice colour. She likes blue as well?


We can all like and wear blue it’s just a colour.