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I gave my Rubbish talk at Impressions Gallery Bradford in the gallery space where Mandy Barker’s show is on. The talk and ensuing dialogue was recorded and will be available on the website! The Rubbish Conversations after the slide presentation were the highlights for me and I think the audience too. It started as a fairly standard Q&A about some of the things I’d discussed but turned into a more general Rubbish Conversation from bins and recycling to capitalism and throwaway culture.

The feedback gathered by the team at Impressions was very positive:

“Very friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Waste art is something I know little about so the talk was really interesting.”

“Very much liked the presentation and post-talk discussion!”

And of the people who filled in questionnaires, everyone rated the event as Very Good (which is the top category)

Thanks so much to Angela and the team at Impressions for having me!