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Today I was artist-rapporteur at the Same Skies’ The Future of West Yorkshire’s Regional Democracy event. My role is to crystallise and create an artistic interpretation of the event.

There were many interesting presentations and discussions and the notes I made will feature in my drawings:


fuzzy geography





capability approach

grass growing over the trailers and spraypaint

“do people say ‘hamlets’ any more”

expanded immediacy

money is not inherently useful

cities as nodes

constrained by neoliberal language

togetherness as a radical act

sehn sucht

index of deprivation

“I swear it’s a question”

embrace mess

give us the money and we’ll do it

if you’re not connected to a place you’re not going to know what will work there

audible connections

all the different ways of silencing a female candidate

how do we look after each other in West Yorkshire?