Welcome to Dwell Awhile; a series of podcasts made by Dwell Time in partnership with the Yorkshire Visual Arts Network.

In this first series we invited peer-nominated artists to talk to us about their art practice, the contentiously uncritical term ‘resilience’, mental wellbeing and the impact of Covid-19 on their practice.

We spoke with, Sam Read, a multi-disciplinary artist, founding member of GLOAM studios in Sheffield and member of The Retro Bar collective.

Bryan Tweddle, a Halifax based multidisciplinary artist and co-founder, director and collaborator on various local and international cultural and community festivals and events.

Claye Bowler, a Huddersfield based artist exploring queer and trans narratives including running Yonder Gallery, a queer & trans artist led residency programme with gallery space.

Finally, we’re in conversation with Hannah Lamb and Lucy Lound, Sheffield based artists and co-founders of WOMP Space, a studio and project space supporting emerging artists.

Join us on the 25th of January to hear how they are surviving and thriving during the Covid pandemic.

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