Dwell Time attended the first South Square Wellbeing Weekend in May and interviewed some of the practitioners and visitors to the event. These audio interviews are now on our Youtube Channel:

Interview with Alice Withers https://youtu.be/B8-kuSXhe18

Interview with Amanda Maud-Hewet https://youtu.be/hFBisQ3T_jM

Interview with Lucy Barker https://youtu.be/geELFte0iqM

Interview with Lucy Scott https://youtu.be/AqfU_MVzDng

Interview with Rebecca Poppleton https://youtu.be/5gFTHajxDjc

Interview with Yvonne Carmichael https://youtu.be/5n2UqxdVrAQ

Interview with Bryony Pritchard & Rosie McAndrew https://youtu.be/YmzKZPzFth8

Interview with Cathy Richie https://youtu.be/HPKkkG84HL4

Interview with Hannah Hatchman https://youtu.be/NZ8AI0LL81A

Interview with Judy Foody https://youtu.be/VtR6OWraruM

Interview with Cat Scott https://youtu.be/T8GEEiclJqA


This started off as an invite by Sarah Smizz to present a short piece at their upcoming Phuckuppery event in Sheffield discussing failure and, with a little nudge, I honed in on mental health as an arts practitioner. I feel this is a really important and under-discussed issue and that it was important to hear other people’s experiences of working in the arts. With the work I’m doing with Dwell Time, this seems an ideal platform to discuss and share experiences. It’s now turning into a mini research project under the Dwell Time project umbrella and will most likely extend beyond the short piece I’m presenting in a few weeks. Although I/we really value face to face conversations, we also really want to hear from people who we might not get to talk to in person so we made a short survey and would love to hear from you https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/8R3TVRF


Yesterday met with Huddersfield Railway Station manager and have confirmed our YVAN microgrant exhibition will open Thursday 18th July, 6:30-9pm as a permanent display in the main waiting room until they need it for something else (for perspective their outgoing show has been up since 2015!). We’re planning to mount each page of Issue 1 and frame some of Bob Clayden’s pinhole camera photos (positives and negatives hung together). We can also use an upstairs private space at the station for a performance/screening/drinks event to launch the show and double up as an Issue 2 open call launch and are currently working on a schedule for that. Invites/press release to be issued in due course but please put that date in your diaries :)

These are some of Bob’s photos made in a suitcase on Platform 2 of Huddersfield Station during our Issue 1 launch event https://www.a-n.co.uk/blogs/dwell-time/post/52554611/ They have about a 10 minute exposure time so the sitter has to take this ‘dwell time’ to show in the photo. The more blurred figures have had less ‘dwell time’ such as the one of the railway staff member stood by the train who was called away on duty only minutes into the exposure dwell time.