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Installed in August 2017 in the Biosciences Department of Durham University, this stunning installation sweeps through the space and is transforming the atrium with an amazing display of light and colour. On loan from the National Glass Centre and located in the centre of the space, the installation by artist Dr Laura Johnston is inspired by the movement of fish. It joins the many specimens of animals on display in the atrium, including fossils and the ancient skeleton of a giant prehistoric deer! Phase 1 of ‘Shoal’ is now insitu and the installation is set to grow over the next year.
This dynamic glass and light sculpture, installed by specialist marine riggers, forms part of the work undertaken by Leverhulme Artist in Residence, Dr Laura Johnston, around the theme of light. Bioscientist, Dr Paul Chazot, and Dr Laura Johnston are interested in monitoring the impact of the installation on students and staff and will be inviting reponses and observations from those who spend time in the space over the coming months.