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Following success of the on-going light and projection installations in critical care, this week I met with natural sound recordist, Geoff Sample and Bennett Hogg from the Department of Music at Newcastle University. We met with Dr Edel Mcauley and experimented with natural sounds in the large atrium of the south entrance of the hospital. This work builds upon a collaboration last year with sound recordist, Mike Challis, with our aim of bringing sounds from the natural world in to the hospital environment. We worked beneath my dichroic glass and light installation in the large atrium area and tried a range of sounds including piano music and natural sounds, including the sea and a running stream. The site visit was successful in locating positions for speakers to create subtle sound experiences and there was a lot of interest from visitors and staff passing through the atrium. It was amazing to hear, for the first time, birds singing in the hospital! We will be refining our ideas and aim to create a sound installation in the atrium for a two week period in March 2019.