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# Flaunt It was an exhibition at Arches Studios, Southampton conceived in the Summer of 2019 by Tony Spencer & Peter McGinnis and featuring Jilly Evans. The artists presented a visual commentary on current society including feminist issues, disability, humanity, ritual and wellbeing.

Spencer & McGinnis created the event to fill a gap in grass roots artist-lead exhibition opportunities within Southampton.

McGinnis exhibited a set of extremely powerful portrait paintings, which he produced whilst undertaking a self directed residency at Eastpoint day centre for the West Hants NHS Trust. He explained to the viewers that he was exploring new ways of drawing and painting, describing the emotions of people, whilst reducing the mark making. The works were oil on canvas, and applied with a discipline that rendered oil paint with the smooth effect as with acrylic, whilst maintaining the rich vivid colours of oils.

Viewing the work I felt like he was reintroducing the people back into the world; each image depicted subtle movement and expression within the persons face. Peter talked about his experience of the residency, where he gained an empathic understanding of what each person was trying to communicate, despite there multiple disabilities.

Evans presented traditional quilts with text which aimed to breakdown the historical notions of feminine politeness and linguistic taboos . Jilly integrated words within the pattern design, which were at first concealed from the viewer by the evocative complimentary colours and design. The work spoke about social identity and the use of slang and expressive language to address female empowerment.

The event was self funded and co-curated by the artists.