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Monday 20th of July 2016
Over the past week I have been working on developing the structural component of the artwork.

When I decided I would use extruded aluminium profiles, I chose to do so both for conceptual as well as for aesthetic purposes.
The profiles are often use to assemble temporary workspaces, cubicles in office spaces and factories as well as stands in trade shows. Often hidden behind panels which mimic the textures of wood or stone, coupled with acrylic and MDF, they convey a fascinating utilitarian language which is rather fitting to the purpose of the artwork.
By bringing this structure together, assembled and exposed, I intend to create a narrative for the idea of revealing hidden structures, such as those who pertain the essential components of the financial market, that is the raw data which feeds the financial movements of shares and which, at least in the case of this artwork, provide or words for the singers as well as dictating their score.
Moreover, as I need to obey certain standards relating to the transportation of the artwork to and from Shanghai, I will take advantage of the relative lightness of the materials and its ability to collapse into small custom packages.
The more I go into this project, the more I learn about practicalities and about finding a good way to meet the limits imposed by the budget without compromising on the production of my idea. Funny to notice how everything seems to be boiling down to financial and resource management.