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Thursday 25th—27th of August 2016

I spent the last two days at the screenprinting studio with Faye McNulty.
All test prints from the previous session have been tested at my studio, in order to assess the coefficient of conductivity; this was done in order to make sure the panels will react to the audience, when connected to electronics and become part of the sculpture I am developing.

Form and function; it was not only about the aesthetics of the piece, but also, and ultimately perhaps even more importantly, it was about making sure the final prints were going to be suitable for the interaction, from a technical standpoint.

As usual, as this is not a precise science, everything feels pretty much experimental as we will only know once the whole printing drying process is completed; screenprinting is such a fascinating and lengthy process, there I so much calculation that goes into preparing for it. So much in stark contrast with the ultrafast nature of the data, the prints will be using in order to actuate the interaction.
After two and half days of work, thanks to Faye’s great skills, the panels are now ready to be taken to my studio where they will be installed on the structure I am building.