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Monday 19th — Wednesday 21st of September 2016

The MoCA Museum is situated at the hearth of the leafy and busy public park of People Square. I have arrived at the museum in the early morning and after a quick coffee I met with Shirley Zhu, who looks after the production of the show and Weiwei Wang, the curator.

Together we went to visit the space of the Pavilion; this is an external structure, positioned right at the entrance of the park and overlooking one of the busiest corners of People’s Square.
The walls had already been painted in white, as agreed via mail a few weeks ago; while in London, I used a floorplan the museum provided me with, in order to decide where to position the piece and to decide the final measurements of the artwork. Being in the physical space, as it often happens, makes things look a bit different, so I have spent some time, understanding where things will go and how to position the artworks so that I can easily access mains and connect to the audio system, which at the moment is hidden inside a cupboard near a secondary entrance to the Pavilion.

In the meantime all the necessary data has been sent.

My special thanks go to Yaron Golgher and Dmitry Negisnky from I Know First, and to Wanjawa Barack Wamkaya and Githiari Lawrence Muchemi from the University of Nairobi.

They have very kindly accepted to provide the forecast of the index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, covering for the days of exhibition, which will run from the 21st of September up until the 11th of October.

I Know First is renowned for using their proprietary algorithm, which applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to recognize relationships and patterns in the historical market data.

Wanjawa Barack Wamkaya and Githiari Lawrence Muchemi, have used their model built on an Artificial Neural Network.

Their help is vital to the functioning of the artwork.

Fortune Telling will make use of the provided data, in order to direct the choir of Chinese singers, using the voices that were pre-recorded and synthesized in London.