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Wednesday 21st of September 2016

The install of the piece was completed just in time for the opening, as it often happens.
In the morning I was invited to have an interview with ZhongHan, editor of the newspaper Jiefang Daily. We sat at a table on the roof terrace of the museum and engaged in a two hours conversation, touching upon the conceptual aspects of my practice as well as the technology used in this piece and my views around the relationship between artwork, audience and interactivity.

The general excitement of the run-up to the opening of the show, partially altered the perception of the time passing and the rest of day went by so quickly, while touching up the piece and making sure everything was working fine.

The opening seemed very well received, among others I have met with Miriam Sun, Senior Curator of the MoCA, who kindly came to see the show, with Julie Chun, journalist/writer who gave me some very good informations with regards to the local art scene and Aising Gong from the British Council’s offices in Shanghai.

I was very and pleasantly surprised to see so many curious passers-by, stopping to spend some time at the Pavilion and experience the artwork; their presence, together with the fact that half of the Pavilion is made out of glass and very easily accessible from the street, made the artwork look and feel almost like a piece of public art.

The opening finished with a delicious dinner at a nearby restaurant, chatting with a selection of invited arts professionals about art, institutions, projects and potential opportunities for artists in China.

A short video documentation of the piece can be accessed here.