Last time I was talking about how progress isnt linear – and in the light of recent activities I reckon its much more like a spider diagram in fact!

I’m preparing for an Open Studio as part of Powys Arts Month . As there are 5 of us at the studio we are putting on a few events. I am organisng a pop-up makers market to encourage people to buy original art and craft and to enable a bit more networking amongst creatives in the area. This is taking pesident over getting my studio ready and it feels like I am making very slow progress.

In addition we are tidying and painting throughout the building which is all part of sharing a space – sharing the load of jobs that need doing to get ready. This is a good insight into how working as an artist after graduation might be – lots of organising and sometimes not so much creative time and a constant drive to find a happy balance. Its all worth it tho – I’m growing in confidence and having good conversations with creative types – very valuable. Here is a link to how wonderful it was at our studios for the last Powys Arts Month www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.261914920511626&type=1


I’m changing.

This year, despite being a part-time student, I have been spending as much of my time as possible involved in my studies and my studio enviroment. My initial reason was that I can achieve more – make more work and progress at a faster rate. I suppose I imagined this progress in linear terms. But actually – its not like that.

Spending more time with my subject has illuminated weaknesses in the ways I have worked in the past – having time to reflect and respond thoughtfully – and with a receptive mind – are areas that I’m working to improve upon.

And beyond this I am thinking – what do I want to make? What is important to me aesthetically and what areas of my work show originality?

Addressing these questions feels like covering new ground. Giving more time to something that is really important makes me realise that, despite my several years of study, I am just at the beginning – a new more descerning me – I’m changing.