Creative ideas and making come in waves of activity – not a steady flow – which might be easier to deal with? I’m mentally tired after working on my dissertation and end of year project. In the process of dissertation research I have unearthed so much interesting material that my brain is overloaded with ideas. The theme – the value of evocative objects and their ability to retain thier significance over time – is directly related to my practice. On some deep level I think ideas are linking up;still to bubble to the surface over time.

I had a wierd feeling about my dissertation just now – I missed my writing – I have spent a long time with it recently and I’ve become attached to it – I feel the need to read extracts for comforts sake – is this totally strange? I should point out that it is of a personal nature – its about my relationship with my late father so perhaps what I’m missing is time to spend thinking about him? Actually the missing is about writing too.

I love using language but I find it hard to get to the point quickly in the way that blogs and social media can require. I need to sharpen up my skills because I want to do much more on-line writng as I come into my final year at college.

Shelley Turkles’ book Evocative Objects contains a great essay about the relationship between an author and her laptop -over time it transformed into her friend, comfort and confident – I can relate to that!

Turkle, S. (2007). Evocative Objects Thing We Think With. Massachusetts: MIT Press.

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