I’ve had two meetings, one with Maria from Letchworth Arts Centre and one with Josh the curator from the Heritage Museum. Both where incredibly positive and highly encouraging. My project outline received an enthusiastic and exciting response in both meetings…excellent! It looks that Maria is keen for the Arts Centre to act as a base for the project and Josh seemed confident that Letchworth Heritage Foundation would like to offer support. I’m still in the process of trying to arrange that meeting with the Museum Archaeologist but hoping to have that before the end of the year. The Artist/Archaeologist collaborative element is key and I just hope it is received with the same enthusiasm I’ve had so far.

It felt very good to be able to talk through the project and have some really good discussions. These ideas have sat in my head for quite a while and the opportunity to start bringing them to life is extremely exciting!

My other aim before the year is out is the budget. I need to really sit down and get this worked out thoroughly, so I can actually send in my funding application to the Heritage and seriously start the Arts Council funding application. Maria also suggested that the project may possibly be eligible for Heritage Lottery funding, so there’s that to look at too. Trying not to be too daunted by this stuff and just work it through in little friendly pieces.

This definitely feels like the hard bit though – getting things off the ground and out of my head, but I’m determined to get this preparation bit built and establish the best project I can.

Aside from all this the baby’s started kicking… exciting times!!!

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