Finally we’ve been moving into our new studio! There have been a few initial teething problems and the workman have had to be called in again but hopefully this is just a minor hiccup and should be back on track pretty soon.

I am so excited about having this space and with such a great bunch of people too! I don’t think I realised just how much I was missing having a base just for my work and people to work alongside. The building’s rather rustic and needs some serious love and attention but there is a great feeling about it and it is located right in the centre of town.

I’ve got to wait until 9th April to find out about the Arts Council funding and a few more weeks for the Heritage Foundation’s verdict. I’ve been trying not to think about it but that’s rather difficult when there is so much of my plans riding on it. Anyway, had a nice phone call from the Community Grants Officer at the Heritage yesterday wanting to talk through my proposal further and it seemed to go positively… after my initial panic that he was phoning because maybe my application wasn’t clear enough, I was relieved that, that didn’t seem to be the case and as far as I can tell he seemed to be giving off some good vibes (although dangerous territory I know –reading vibes).

So having the studio to concentrate on is the perfect distraction from all the things I haven’t any control over at the moment.

‘The belly’ is doing well and growing rather nicely. Can’t believe there’s only about 6 weeks until it’s due to pop out!