So it’s been a while since I posted. Mainly this is due to the fact that it’s been a bit of a strange few months in which I’ve not been too sure what to write. Over most of this time I’ve been waiting. Waiting for the Arts Council, waiting for the Letchworth Heritage Foundation, waiting for my baby.

And the waiting still hasn’t finished. (Still waiting for baby).

The Letchworth Heritage Foundation Grant ended up being anything but straight forward and after going in for an extra meeting to explain the project to them further, I came away with anything but confidence that they were going to support me.

It was a meeting that I went into with bold enthusiasm and excitement and ended up coming out of with only a heavy sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. The funding committee members didn’t seem to engage with the project or see its potential. They didn’t seem to have read any of my supporting material and didn’t want to explore my previous research. I was met with vague looks of bewilderment and heart sinking obscure responses. It was explained to me, following this meeting that they are not use to receiving applications from artists and this was probably quite abstract and alien to them.

To say I was pretty gutted is an understatement, I tried every way I could to sell this project to them. By the end I was clutching at every straw I could find as they were ushering me out the door saying they’ll let know next month. (It was a classic…don’t call us, we’ll call you moment!)

So two days later I get the complete opposite surprise that came in the form of a beautiful, wonderful, unexpected email from the Arts Council, informing me that they will be funding my project…..!!! Now I’m walking on air! Ok so I still had the dilemma of the probability that I won’t have all the money, but I have most of the money… and I have the Arts Council money! Suddenly, it looks quite possible again.

I was back in touch with Letchworth Heritage Foundation again and hoping that this news of support from the Arts Council might in some way benefit my application to them. (they were hopeful it would be)

So this morning I get a letter from the Heritage to say that they will be offering me funding, wow (very unexpected)… but only a quarter of what I asked for. This I wasn’t expecting, I was expecting a yes or no, (and more realistically a no). But a part of what I asked for and no further explanation to this decision. (huh ?)

So I have more money to find and some thinking to do. I have a project that is almost… so close, to being funding…but not quite. I’m now busy weighing up my options at this point. It’s turned out better than expected. I cannot deny that realistically I didn’t expect to have success with the Arts Council funding, it seemed too out of reach on my first try. I was thinking local funding would be much more likely to see the benefits and investment of a project like this. What a learning experience this is.

Anyway, a side from all this funding stuff… excited that the “Always Greener’ exhibition at PM Gallery is opening next Thursday night. I won’t make the opening… I will hopefully be at home with my baby (if it ever decides to make an appearance…now 4 days late) but look forward to making it in June when they are having a summer fete event at the house.