With Lee’s return to London, I began working on my own. The first week, I went away and so didn’t do any work on the project. Big mistake – when I sat down to work on the files I already had on the computer I had forgotten a lot of things that Lee had shown me, so it was necessary to play and try to figure out what I wanted to do and how to do it. After a lot of playing and re-remembering, I decided I wanted to do some recording. I roped in Lacey Hawthorne (who was doing a residency at Stiwdio Maelor) to do some recording. It was fun, but with a Canadian accent not getting the sound I wanted. I next conned Elizabeth Jane Corbett into recording. With an Australian accent and fairly fluent Welsh I thought we might get closer to what I wanted. But towards the end of the recording Liz suggested that really it should be my voice. After a week or two of thinking about this suggestion, I decided she was right. This is after all my project and the language I am working with is the language of my country. So I recorded a bunch of words and have spent the past week cleaning them up. It can be a challenge to rid the words of the occasional sound of traffic going by my studio. Yes I know I could re-record the words, but it is fun playing with the program and trying to see how much I can clean up the files….