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With Lee’s imminent return it was time to refocus on the project. I had been getting on with the weaving of the baskets which will contain the sound and doing odd bits of recording. But one night dashing home just after I had been copying some new sound recordings I forgot to remove the card from the computer. The next day back to do some recordings, I turned on the recorder and nothing happened. I remembered that I had left the card in my computer so I pulled it out and put it back in the recorder. Rookie mistake – the recorder had gone back to it’s defaults and were no longer on Lee’s settings. My first thought was – ring Lee. Luckily I don’t always have phone reception in my studio so couldn’t. So the next thought was you have to solve this yourself. Another good learning activity??? When Lee was at Stiwdio Maelor for the first working together visit, I had written extensive notes of what the setting for each item in the menu should be set. So digging out the notebook, I was able to reset the recorder and then start recording. All without Lee’s help. Lee’s comment to this when I told him was that he probably would have struggled to helped me, as his recorder is different and so the settings are different for each one. Anyway menu reset and back to recording the words….