Working within a personal studio space, I am surrounded by a mass of materials, therefore my focus at the moment is to produce and challenge the functionality of these organic and everyday objects. The work can take on a minimalist and repetitive aesthetic. Jelly, hot dog sausages, rubber, plastic, tights and foam are my current focus in materials and the manipulation that can be enforced to create form and texture.

This is the first work that was made at the start of the course; initial play and starting point of using food elements within the work. As the days have past, the sausages became dry and mummified; they’ve lost their presence but have preserved their functionality. My aim is to work with new and “non-sculptural” related materials and to expose their aesthetic, and to reveal their potential.

The exploring of form and the tension between materials, the jelly is in cling film and draped playing with the balance of weight, form and tension of the materials. I view these pieces as small test pieces that I would prefer on a large, life size scale and playing with the same notion of tension and the audience able to touch and interact with the object.