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My research direction and ideas have taken a new direction over the last week. After having a refresher induction in the metal workshop I had a sudden urge to work and play with this material. I have always been surrounded by metal and other industrial materials but seemed to avoid their existence and use in my work; maybe I wished to find my own identity and work with new materials that I had no connection with. Since starting my MA and studying away from home, I have this urge to work with metal, lead and rubber, all of which I can find in my father’s garage. This could be a nostalgic attempt to connect my work with home.

Most recently I watched a documentary on Richard Serra ‘Imagine Man of Steel’ from back in November 2008 and I was drawn to the simplicity but mesmerising aesthetic of his work. More importantly it was interesting to hear him describe his work; there is no subject linked to his sculptures, he relies purely on the subjectivity of the audience and how the individual experiences each piece. The scale of his monumental sculptures are powerful and atract attention; the thick sheets of steel are a phenomenal achievement and own the space they occupy.

Space and scale are elements that I will now explore further using diverse materials and traditional sculpture methods. I’m curious to explore the balance and relationship between artist and the work; work and the audience. How will an audience engage with the work? It’s about experiencing the what? The work becomes has a whole different meaning when it is put in an exhibiting space; whether this is a gallery, outdoors or any other space that involve an audience. As an artist, it can sometimes be difficult to let go of work and set it free for an audience (either public or the art world) to critique.