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I finally feel comfortable with moving forward and producing the work. After my tutorial with artist Holly Davey I had the reassurance and an extra push that was needed to produce the works. In discussion, the jelly forms were an interesting aspect to develop their scale and form. My previous work involved hard, industrial materials that were not approachable; the use of jelly as a medium involves touch and a soft aspect of the body. Nostalgia is crucial with these body of soft sculptures.

There is a shift in physicality with the use of materials; the work is entirely based on form and material. I’m playing with the manipulation of form and how the body reacts in relation to materials. The soft and sensual curves and bulges of the jelly is an innate sense of the body; however if they are scaled to a giant, monumental size then the work develops a wider narrative. Other elements I’ve began to explore is plastic tubing with human hair sat inside; exploring form and manipulation that can be forced of the plastic tubes. Future research directions are Claus Oldenberg for his scale of ordinary objects,  Rebecca Horn and Meret Oppenheim.

We have weekly research and ideas seminars and the last couple of sessions have involved planning and emphasising how important it is to have a plan, even when more than likely that plan will change. I was thinking about time and how little we have on the course and what my objectives are for the remainder. What I realized was, was that I need space and large quantities of materials that will produce the work; both of which I’m currently struggling with. How can I overcome these obstacles? Space has always been an issue when making my work due to the weight and scale. I want to push boundaries and come out of my comfort zone; the use of new materials and the unpredictability of jelly as a primary medium will change the dynamic of my practice. Therefore I’m currently in the process of writing to hartley’s with the hope that they can sponsor my work with large quantities of jelly. The idea is crazy and could be a complete failed attempt but if they agree then the scale that the forms can be produced is monumental.