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The seminar this week with Judit Bodor was about opportunities in the art world; there are opportunities out there you just have to grab them when you can and if there are’nt any then create them. We had a discussion about our aims after the MA and what we’re hoping to achieve. I personally need to build a studio space; this is a main focus due to the nature and scale of my work. So far, having a studio space of this size has been fantastic; however I’ve already outgrown the space. Artist residencies¬†are a particular interest of my mine that I wish to pursue not only when I finish but also throughout my career; it’s important to develop relationships with other artists nationally and internationally.

Group crits are always an interesting learning curve and point of contact with both tutors and peers. After the discussion on my work, the feedback I had was that I need to learn more about the material, experiment with object; the dough forms leaning over a chair or slumped against a wall. Using organic materials is challenging, the dough rises and changes size over time due to the yeast; it was suggested that perhaps I should be filming this process. The issue I have with this is that yes the process would then be visible for the viewer but my work isn’t about that. The process and materials are based on how I interact with them as the artist and the relationship that I develop with the work. I become the work, I am the materials. Judit mentioned that you should be asking is ‘how does the work, work?’ instead of ‘what is the work?’ This is an interesting concept and needs more thought on my part, because i always tend to explain what the work is but never how it works or even if its working as a piece.