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I’ve began working with foam; manipulating their form using elastic bands and bungee ropes that cause distress and tension of the material. These pieces were always experimental and playful, however I now see them as elements of the body. The creases and bulging of the foam portrays fat, flesh and skin. I’m curious to explore casting and the contrast between soft and hard forms. These three dimensional forms are currently on a small scale and act as marquettes for large scale casts. Using bronze and lead in particular is my material preference, the softness and precious quality of the bronze with the contrast of the heavy and toxic use of molten lead.

I’m currently working with the ceramic shell and sand casting methods to cast the foam forms. The foam pieces in the ceramic shell will be direct burn outs as their size is small enough; whilst the larger foam forms are cast using the sand mould method. The question that always surfaces is whether the forms need to be left in their raw form or cast to solid form? Is the process the work? By casting the forms, does that mean they’re the finished piece? How can we judge/decide when work is finished?