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How do I feel stuck yet have so many ideas and thoughts relating to my practice. The work feels very open so far and has a clear, strong sense and essence of play; however some aspects have a controllable element. There’s a shift between sculptural forms that imply humanly forms and play with objects and materials; forming relationships with one another. Space is clearly a major factor whether the work is placed in relation to a new space or play and installation works are created based on their surroundings at that moment in time. My studio space has that contrast of play and control.

I’ve spent time in new spaces with the work; arranging, placing, playing and creating new forms with various materials and objects. The use of space and engaging with its environment and settings is liberating. Does the work therefore become site specific? Not necessarily as some of the works are premade that collaborates with other forms, objects and materials. Floor and wall space seem to be the main point of contact; however I wish to explore hanging materials and objects and play with the notion of weight and balance. Form, structure and movement; all key aspects in the work. How can these forms, objects and materials form a relationship in a space?

After my tutorial with tutor Mark Gubb, he mentioned how my work seemed to have an anthropomorphic and animals’ nature. This was an interesting comment due to the nature of the materials. I need to consider the relationship between the pre-fabricated buoys (simple but perfectly crafted) and my own work (simple materials, roughly made) and how this reads in a space. Structure, form and material are currently the key aspects that engage my work and making process. The use of industrial and domestic objects instantly has masculine and feminine aesthetics and associations; their nature is alluring and raises those questions of sexuality.