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Over the last week I’ve been trying to clarify, simplify and break down my practice and refocus the qualities. What is the work? What is its purpose? What’s its clarification? How do I read the work or how the work is read? I previously addressed how feminism was a focal point for the work; however I have now realised that this isn’t the case. Instantly a physical appearance; aesthetic; approach with the use of the steel. Do I class materials with gender? Is there a general association of steel linked with masculinity? The work involves such physical application; submerging the foam into large buckets of water and suspending them from the steel frames. The weight of these forms and the process itself creates a sense of performative objects. What interests me are the qualities of materials and that tension, relationship between materials; how they interact with one another. The foam possesses this raw, flesh like, fat appearance and to touch; when I introduced the water, this elevated the work, emphasising weight, depth, gravity and the natural sagging of the material. The water seeping through the foam, gushing from height and bouncing off the floor is visually and aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

I’ve been exploring where the work is placed and situated, whether it becomes site specific? The work has been placed in Chapter’s dark studio in Cardiff, an outside space and dark space (evening time) using the halogen flood lights.  All three spaces created a different tension and atmosphere around the work; the use of the flood lights creates an aggressive dynamic atmosphere, a rawness quality of the cables left exposed as an extended version of the work. That rawness aesthetic in the foam, the rusting steel and visual impact of the flood lights has a very alluring and unsettling quality. I had previously addressed the presence/absence; whether this resides in the work? What exactly am I referring to being present or absent Again, this is a reoccurring question that needs further attention. Does the work possess gender? Does the work need to possess gender?