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That physical touch and engagement that I have with materials is the driving force in my practice. This week I’ve been back in the studio playing. I started to think about how sculpture and painting coincide; and how I can explore using ‘the wall’ as the base to work from. The making and material exploration is key to my practice and existence as a female artist. I emphasise the ‘female,’ this has become a focal point of contact as a sculptor. My research has led me to Eva Hesse and her distinct, fragile and playful approach to her work. The visibility of process in her art and methods of making she used to create such uncontrollable forms. Those organic qualities that had crossed over in my work previously came into play with this work using stained string and wax. I began soaking long pieces of string in the hot wax, draining the excess before draping onto the wall where pins were randomly placed for discreet support. The clear wax enhanced the colour of the rope, once hardened in position the work possessed a painterly aesthetic. The work suggests a continuous line, a drawing, a form that suggests physical presence, flesh, a sense of control, the loss of control; the allowing of material to determine its form.

This work has the potential for further development and play on how the form will develop; what is the work? What are the components? Why am I using these materials? The wax disturbs the texture of the rope, however forms a thin layer that allows the form to solidify and maintain its shape. When I start to play with materials or objects there is no initial plan or idea at first; I allow the material to discover its qualities and possibilities before my touch can begin to understand and create work. I had never thought of exploring three dimensional forms that incorporates a 2D aesthetic; this is a new area to explore and develop in the studio.