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What is my context? What is my position?

These have been reoccurring questions and issues in relation to my work and how I contextualize my practice within contemporary art. I struggle to focus on what my concerns are with my work and what am I drawing attention to with the sculptures or installation works. After my tutorial with Andre he asked very simple questions that would compile with my practice and its concerns; however I was unable to pinpoint my focus, context or position. Why? What is my work concerned with? ‘The quality of form within a space.’ What was I suggesting with this remark, does the form always have to possess a certain quality or does this rely on the nature of the space? My current focus is working on my pieces for the final MA show; therefore the next few weeks are crucial in understating the qualities and principals of the work. The concept of the work is to create a monumental experience for the viewer that is then juxtaposed against the physical experience and engagement that will be allowed.

Three free standing steel tripods that reside in an open space, emphasising the industrial nature and natural day light that will be a constant part of the work. I’m continuing to explore the jarring of relationships between the organic and man-made/industrial; what was brought up in the tutorial was how there seems to be an emphasis on opposites in my work, whether there is a tension or compatibility? Hard/soft, space/scale, organic/industrial, elegance/playfulness. The materials that I will be suspending from the tripods will involve an exploration of form using balloons and organic, fluid substances of jelly and water. This work in particular will involve a sensory experience of texture, smell, touch and the use of colour; an element that has never been a focal point in my work or of any previous concern. However, this has become an issue that has risen with observation of the materials and I do not wish for a ‘sensory experience’ to become the focus of the work but will likely become an element of the work. My focus now is to explore and produce the work whilst understanding and analysing my practice and finding a focus; how the viewer will engage and interpret the work is something that is out of my control.