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The making of the show is well and truly under way; however there are some hurdles that are causing problems. I’ve been spending quality and intimate time with the work in a solitude space as I feel that this is the only way I will clearly understand what I am making and why am I making it? The focus is entirely on the work for the show but has become a struggle at times with other opportunities and commitments from other sources outside of the institution.

How will the work be read? I’ve had multiple conversations with tutors and peers that have come into contact with the work and instantly a playful appearance and experience was revealed. But what is interesting about the work is not only is there juxtaposition in materials but the work itself suggests that there is something happening, evolving? Over the past two weeks the jelly has formed severe quantities of mould inside of the balloons and some have erupted inside of the plastic sack. There’s an interesting question as to what is happening underneath? I’m currently playing and figuring out at what height the sacks will suspend but find it interesting using different heights in relation to the height of the tripods.

In my tutorial with Holly Davey we discussed how I need to refine and define the work, spend time with it and respond to the materials. There is not only a dialogue between materials but an intimate dialogue between artist and materials and the viewer and materials. This is important, specifically with this work in particular due to the scale of the work and scale of the space; I’m introducing something happening, organic materials decaying, rotting over a period of time. The plastic sacks suggest a human presence, their scale, weight and suspension in space form this sensation to touch, investigate what resides inside their cavity. The contrast in the colour palette is what interests me, a jarring of dialogue develops between the bright and vivid party balloons and the jelly filled balloons that are decaying and unveil body fluids (blood, urine, puss etc.) When I define the work I think of my emphasis on opposites and the continuous tension and precarious qualities that forms the work.

The work is slowly in transition, this is visually present in the images and in the flesh. What’s interesting is how the materials change day to day, the space that they will reside in for the show is an open plan space, is constantly warm in temperature and has large open windows therefore heat and direct sunlight will dramatically change the personality of the materials over time. Referring back to the idea of ‘something is happening’ there’s a certain disconfiguration, evolving of forms and play on the known and the unknown. There is this idea of containment that is suggestive with this work; however we had discussed playing and jarring the idea of balloons placed outside of the plastic sack, almost invading the space further with their presence, form and weight.